Use What You Have Decorating Consultations: Fun, Stimulating And Surprising

It’s such a blessing to have Use What You Have Decorating work. It is fun, stimulating and always surprising. With constantly changing clients, spaces and furnishings, I never know what I’m walking into and, therefore, look forward to every consultation.

Sometimes the physical changes are quite dramatic; other times all that is required are a few tweaks to give the space cohesion and a more elegant look. Here is a home I worked on not long ago which called for the latter yet it still looks remarkably better. Both rooms were rearranged in under an hour.

Living room "before."

Before: An awkward L shaped conversation area in the living room was one of the issues.


Living room "after."

After: A comfortable U shape provides a place for intimate, face-to-face chats. Later on, lighting and other issues would be addressed.

coffee table accents

Using some of the accents the client already had gave the coffee table a more polished look.


Dining room "before."

Before: The dining room had good basic pieces.

Dining room "after."

After: By simply removing the photos, toys and redoing the tabletop accessories, the room looks more elegant.

Does your living room and dining room need a makeover, without buying a lot of new things? Call 800 We-Use-It (800 938-7348) for an in-person or by-phone consultation. You might be surprised at how fast, easy and inexpensive it is to accomplish.

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