Wastebaskets: Pails Without Style Look Trashy

Little things mean a lot when it comes to decorating and even something as seemingly innocuous as a wastebasket can affect how stylish your home looks – or doesn’t look.

Stylish wire wastebasket

A wire wastebasket is functional and looks stylish.

Based on my professional experience I have been surprised to see how many people have white rubber pails on display in their bedrooms, home offices and in rooms besides kitchens; clients who otherwise have chic accessories throughout their houses and apartments. In their defense, most have explained that they didn’t realize there were so many on-trend alternatives.

White rubber pails

White rubber pails are perfect for kitchens and garages. Period.

If you have one of those little rubber numbers and would like to give your home a more sophisticated look without spending a lot of money, consider an elegant wastebasket (or two) that coordinates with your color scheme and decor. There are lots of pails in a variety of finishes that can add polish and panache to your rooms: bamboo, leather, wire and hammered metal styles, to name a few.

Decorative wastebasket

A decorative wastebasket can add a lot of style to any room. (photo courtesy Houzz.com)

Chrome wastebasket

A chrome pail will look good in most bathrooms.

White rubber pails certainly have their place: under sinks, out of sight, in kitchens. Anywhere else? Not for this redecorator’s clients and friends. If I’m going to be really honest (as Simon Cowell likes to say): I think they look like garbage.


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