April, 2000 Contest: If You Won the Lottery, What Would Be Your First Purchase For Your Home?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Nancy Holthaus of Fairfield, OH

Winning the Lottery would be a wonderful way to finance my dream purchase for my home: A PIANO! When I was growing up, my family had a black upright grand Steinway. Most of us learned how to play music on it, a couple of us pretended to be concert pianists, and (as evidence by the teeth marks on the legs) we all grew to know this special possesion as a part of our family. Now that I am raising a young family of my own, I want to include a piano in our family memories. In fact, after recently reading Lauri Ward’s book “Use What You Have Decorating,” I arranged my living room around a large, square coffee table. My focal point is the picture window, and the couch serves as the anchor for the love seat and chair. I love the new conversation setting, and have dragged passing neighbors off the street to give me their opinion. (They love it too!) The impetus for my redo was to create a nook to visualize my dream of owning a piano. Right now, there is a fiscus tree and sma!l child’s bench in the corner that awaits my someday piano. But sometime in the future, even if I don’t win the lottery, the tree and bench will be replaced by a console piano. Then our home (and our lives) will be filled with music and memories–just like mine has been!