August, 2000 Contest: What Is Your Favorite Piece Of Furniture & Why Do You Love It?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Juliana Baker of Botce, VA.

My favorite piece of furniture is a sofa that used to belong to my grandmother. Her home was very formal and the sofa was covered in a green patterned fabric with an embroidered flower/paisley pattern. It was unlike anything to be found in my childhood home, where durable furniture survived the rough and tumble of five kids and numerous pets. When my grandparents passed away, my parents bought the furniture, including the fancy sofa, and brought them home. Now we had the fancy sofa, and it suffered greatly in our crazy household. My parents eventually bought new furniture when all the children finished college, and the sofa was relegated to the garage. Here it became the home of many mice and the friendly cats that never could be bothered to hunt them. Years passed, and finally I was able to buy a home. Unfortunately, I had little left over for furniture, so mom suggested raiding the garage for fix-er-uppers. We unearthed the sofa in all its stinky, mildew! glory, and eyed it doubtfully. We decided that it had “good bones”, and I found an upholsterer to bring the sofa back to life. It is now recovered in a cotton floral reproduction print of red and cream, with loose cushions as opposed to the attached, stiff old ones. It is long enough to hold me and three lazy, loving cats on cold winter nights in the little cottage I own. It is the centerpiece of the room, and when I look at it, I am awed by its transformation. I’m frequently reminded of those trips to grandma’s, when my sisters and I were intimidated by the classical furnishing and tasteful, if uptight, decorating. No shoes on the furniture there…but now, the sofa has a new life, and I am reminded of family and how everything has a past. I love my “new” sofa, and cherish its past and its future.