December, 2000 Contest: How Has Having A Pet Affected Your Home & Life?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Lan Vu-Yu of Houston, TX

Having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have apart from one with another human being. My cat Miko is a long-hair black Domestic cat whose personality is that of a Russian Diva. She wants it her way. If meowing reminders and a taking a few swats does not get our attention, she’ll zoom past us, nearly tripping us to get attention. She’s a loving, water-fearing, adorable ball of lounging black fur.

Learning to understand her needs took two years of patient and resolute commitment. And the house proudly displays every battle scar and milepost of our relationship. The once pristine house now boasts a decorative 4-nail scratch mark print on our sofa. Our house is interspersed with cat toys, scratching post, and fluffy hair whose color matches the fur of Miko’s underbelly. One of our two bathrooms is dedicated to toiletries- her bathtub, bowl, shampoo, and of course her state of the art litter box. Underneath the sink holds all of her treasured tasty goodies- the dry, the wet, and the crunchy. In a basket at the corner of the living room is all of her grooming tools used lovingly once a day. And quietly beside it is her small red-plaid bed which does not get to be used and abused since Miko prefers to lounge everywhere but in her bed. Milk is always there in her blue-and-white Japanese miniature dish. Because if she doesn’t get a half dozen gulps of milk each day; well, accidents happen and different types of cleaners come out to scrub and clean the acid out of the rug. Well, come to think of it, we should have had our rug in beige instead because now there is half a dozen quarter-size beige spots that marked where she had to get that pesky hair-indigestion of her chest.

You might think I’m complaining..and you would be right, I am. But I do love our cat and the complaining is only part of the loving of my pesky, adorable Russian Diva cat.