June, 2000 Contest: Which Room Do You Spend The Most Time In And Why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Mei Lee of Riverside, CA

The long hours I spend in my bedroom have more to do with spiritual replenishment than sleep. This is where I read my favorite novels with a cup of fragrant herbal tea, careful not to spill any on the burgundy sheets. I listen to music and compose my own poetry in this harmonious space.

Since living in a small, second-floor apartment doesn’t afford me a real garden, I created my own “hanging garden” in the bedroom. Making use of several ceiling hooks, I draped a canopy of silk wisteria vines (which originally were part of my wedding decorations) along one wall. Their deep purple hue complements yellow blossoms in a floral tablecloth I hung over the dingy curtains. The taupe roses and dark green background of the cloth also accent the colors on my bed. Since the ac doesn’t work in my apartment, I keep the window open, letting the summer breeze play with the silver windchimes that hang near the window. My favorite piece, though, is the Japanese paper lantern hanging directly above my bed. Whenever I’m lost for inspiration, I look up at the stark words of wisdom painted black on white. In a bedroom like this, no wonder it’s my favorite place to rest, muse, and dream.