May, 2000 Contest: What Does Your Spouse Or Partner Think About Decorating?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Jocelyn Harper of Kirkwood, MO

My partner and I (who will become my husband August 5th!) have very different views on decorating. We are building a new home that will be finished two weeks before our wedding. With both of us working full time and going to college, we can’t afford to spend our little time together arguing! So, we have come up with a system that works for us. Being a woman, I like light and bright colors. Yellows, light blues, and light greens are my favorite. Of course, he thinks these are too feminine. So when we decorate we pick colors we both like and put them together. For instance, our new living room furniture is light green so he chose a khaki color for our accent pieces and it looks really good. My comforter that I am bringing to our new home is yellow and blue which I didn’t have the heart to change. So, in exchange I let him pick everything for our extra bedroom, which he loved!

Doing this together is wonderful. We find it is something we can do as a couple that is both relaxing and fun. And we know that every room we look in has a piece of both of us!