October, 2000 Contest: How Do You Imagine Interior Decorating Will Differ In The Year 2050

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Stephania Byrd of Jackson, MS

I imagine one living space with the exception of bathrooms which would be permanent in structure. Naturally, all interiors would be physically, biologically and emotionally safe for human/animal habitat and usage.

This one space of living would be as follows: If I were physically in the space and wanted a chair for reading, it would develop itself from the flooring or wall of the structure; if i wanted a table and chairs for company, they too would manifest from the INTERIORS of the walls and flooring.

When one was finished with this life activity, whether entertaining, reading, cooking, etc, all funishings would be created from the INTERIOR TEXTURES of the home’s walls and flooring.

This would make possible the use of a small amount of space for an infinite number of life activities, instantaneously.

Moreoever, you would never be bored with the arrangement of funriture or furnishings, as they could be placed in an infinite number of places and arrangements.

Today the bedroom could be where the kitchen was and tomorrow, the living area would become the bedroom. Lighting would be natural from skylines and trapped light from the sun that could be used at anytime for an inside setting in the interior.