September, 2000 Contest: How Do You And Your Husband Compromise In Making Decorating Decisions?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
TJ Condre of  Indianapolis, IN

I thought my husband and I agreed on decorating until I gave our bedroom a makeover while he was out of town. I put a buff glaze on the white walls to help soften the room, added a garland of roses to the plain white valances, purchased new bedding, and put all of his baseball hats in decorative hat boxes. the only comment he made when he got home was, “What’d ya do with my hats?” I wanted a room totally different than the rest of our house so that I could wind down before going to bed. Obviously all he wanted was a place to hang his hats! When we were expecting our second child and had to find a new location for the computer & office, I came up with the idea to take the doors off of a large closet and place the desk, computer, and filing cabinets inside. We then put in several rows of shelves to house our books and, of course, his hats. Now whenever I’m at the computer, all I think about is baseball. But at least when I’m reading and trying to calm down after a hard day’s work and an even harder evening with two kids, I can really relax!