April, 2001 Contest: Where Do You Spend Time When You Want To Relax At Home And What Do You Do There?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Helen Smith of Flushing, NY

I live in a small aparment in Queens, New York. My kids pretty much have stuff all over the place and the apartment is always noisy. Toys and noise everywhere. On Saturday when my daughter is off to dancing school and my sons are taking naps, I put all the toys away in the bedroom, vaccuum the rug and then gather every available pillow. I throw them all on the floor and then just plop down on them and do absolutely nothing. I just lay there listening to the silence. When the weather is warm, I open up all the windows so that I can get a gentle breeze, I breathe deeply in and out and enjoy the silence some more. I think about nothing. I just lay there staring at the ceiling in total relaxation. Sometimes the pillows get so comfortable, I doze off for a while. It’s the quietest, most enjoyable time of my week. I always look forward to my “time off” on Saturday.