December, 2001 Contest: How long have you lived in your home and what made you decide it was right for you?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Mae Ellison of Bluefield, WV

I have lived in my home for 9 years now. I was tired of renting all the time. Giving my money away with nothing to show for it. A friend of my mothers had a 3 bedroom home for sale at a great price! $10.000 to be exact. I thought well for that price the house could not be much, but I decided to at least take a look at it to make my mother happy. I was in total shock at how beautiful the house was and how much land that went with it. The living room has a hand made fire place, its the prettiest fireplace I have ever seen. And the kitchen has every appliance anyone would ever need. The bedrooms were all the perfect size. I just could not believe my good fortune. So 9 years ago my husband and I purchased the house and we have been in love with it since. When we first bought our home, I thought my old funiture would not look right in our new home, but how wrong I was. Our funiture looked perfect. I added Indian pictures that I collected over the years to my living room. They really look beautiful with our fireplace. So as you can tell, we bought our house because it was love at first sight. And we knew it was the right home for us.