February, 2001 Contest: Which Household Appliance Can't You Live Without and Why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Linda Garrett of Denton, TX

Oh my goodness…what, oh what would I do without my Regina “Little Green Cleaning Machine?” No, don’t turn away…I shudder to think about life b.l.g.c.m. (before little green etc.,etc.)…I must tell you about the new baby, I’m sorry I don’t have a picture…

It all started when I recently moved into a peach brick house, with hardwood floors, built in the 1940’s. Yes, there were problems, right from the beginning, but I was too blind to see them. “Don’t worry”, I told myself, cleaning won’t be a problem”…My cute little house has a three-panel, 6’x 9′ picture windows of slightly tinted glass. I scrubbed and rubbed with many a glass cleaner, with only the slightest of improvements. My little green machine was packaged with a “glass-cleaning” attachment–need I say more?! Suddenly, I was a window-washer, strapped to a scaffold on a high-rise building towering over New York City. I scarcely had time to finish the daydream, and my windows were sparkling clean and streak free!

Upholstery, what can I say? What once was an aging chintz flower upon a dingy old sofa, sprang forth a brilliant pink carnation upon a field of butter yellow as I gardened in my English castle garden as the sun was setting and the mist began to fall. Again, time seemed to pass without notice…Treacherous stains from the episode of the exploding water heater rendered a favorite side-chair ready for the curb, but once again, the little green angel bailed me out as I “painted” broad blue strokes in a frenzied attempt to brighten my new masterpiece! Spilled some jelly or Kool-Aid on the kitchen floor (hardwood, vinyl, or tile)…? No need to feel like a scullery maid in 19th century England–no problem! Just put that little devil to work! Oh I just couldn’t live (at least not as cleanly) without my most cherished little green cleaning machine!!!