January, 2001 Contest: Do You Enjoy Entertaining Or Do You Try To Avoid It?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Shauna Lock of Lafayette, IN

My fiance and I have friends over almost every weekend. Although our apartment is small, the familiar faces and laughs seem to dissolve the walls. We all crowd into the living room, squeezing into an open spot on the couch, or piling pillows on the floor; bowls of chips and microwaved popcorn on our laps, as we watch the latest rental on the small screen tv. Our college budgets don’t let us see the big screen often, but I enjoy these gatherings at home more so than those at the theaters. We laugh at the funny parts together, and share the same box of tissues during the sad parts.

Once a year, we have our pre-holiday, post-holiday meal, which takes place sometime after Thanksgiving, but before the week of finals and Christmas break. We have a wonderful meal of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and my personal masterpiece, deviled eggs. We open our gifts and talk while sipping egg nog.

Do I enjoy entertaining? I do not consider it entertaining guests, as they are the ones who entertain me!

Do I try to avoid it? I could not imagine not having these wonderful people spend so much time at our apartment. It has given it an incredible sense of life – it has memories that will never be forgotten.