July, 2001 Contest: What Are Your Closets and Drawers Like? Neat or Messy?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Diedre Tansey of BC, Canada

I’m a neat freak captured in a messy shell ! I’ve never been a tidy person, but have always aspired to be. When I do clean, I do so meticulously. I know exactly HOW to be very organized and discard clutter and sort for ease of use, it’s just that most of the time I don’t.

With four children under the age of nine, our home is in a constant state of chaos. I’d like to blame the kids, but they’ve just inherited their slovenly ways from Mom. I’d love to blame my husband, but he’s far more responsible about putting things away than his wife.

When I feel I’m losing control on the rest of my life I clean closets and drawers and I love it ! Taking out all of the bits and pieces from the junk drawer, tossing out pens with no ink, returning the various LEGO bits to my sons room, finding $30 in change…only to leave the drawer in a state of ordered bliss. Each little pin and paper clip in it’s own tiny cubicle, happy to be back with their “family” again. Oh the peaceful feeling when sorting through all of the clothes in my closet, everything colour coded and hung on wooden hangers in a neat straight row. Yes , I CAN be Martha Stewart, a place for everything and everything in its place, with pretty labels too !

BUT WAIT… I’m looking for something, can’t find it and running late at dropping off the kids at their various activities, no one is listening, everyone is screaming “where’s this, where’s that?”. Suddenly the order that once was a priority is tossed into total disarray once again to sit and wait until the next time my obsessive/compulsive habits take over, and the viscious cylcle begins again.