June, 2001 Contest: What Is The Biggest Decorating Blunder You Have Ever Made?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Denise Jolly of Canby, OR

I used to smoke pot and once when I was high I got the bright idea to paint my whole bedroom red. Painting always seems fun when I start but after an hour or so it feels like hard work.

Painting the bedroom red was no exception. I decided, while on the ladder, that I’d paint the ceiling red too. As the paint ran down my arm, I realized it was a bad idea and I had to stop work and go wash myself off. I was unhappy with the whole process by then. I closed up the paint can and rinsed the roller. That was the end of painting the bedroom red.

I lived in that house less than a year after that but I never finished the paint job. In my mind I always thought I’d finish painting but I never could face the rest of the job. It’s been fifteen years since I smoked any pot and I doubt that I will ever again paint anything bigger than a book shelf.

And that house, it burned down a or so after I moved.