March, 2001 Contest: Who Is The Chef In Your House And Do You Share Responsibilities Or Is It A One Person Operation?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Angela Jean-Louis of Atlanta, GA

I am from the south and I come from a family that can wipe up some fried chicken, mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie like you would not believe!!! Unfortunately, as a little girl, I was too busy to spend any time in the kitchen. When I went off to college, my distaste for cooking and the kitchen did not wade. I did though muster up enough courage to learn how to make nacho cheese dip and boil chicken in a pot on top of the stove. Many boyfriends, on the verge of wanting to spend the rest of their lives with me, based their final decision on my ability to cook. Needless to say, they eventually changed their minds.

But in 1998, I met my soul mate who happens to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and a former chef who realized that I was more than a cook in the kitchen. Three years and one child later my husband Clarel is still the chef in our house. His cooking is a one man grand affair whether we are entertaining or not. Once he surprised my best friends with an elegant meal. For dessert he cut the lights out and performed a show as he whipped up desert under a blazing fire. He cooks everything fresh, even for my little son. This helps me watch my weight and feel healthy. He doesn’t like me in the kitchen, since I have a tendency to make the kitchen explode when I do try to cook. My husband can make french fries look like a grand affair!!

His favorite motto is: It is all in the presentation!!

Although he is an excellent doctor, he is still a superb chef.