September, 2001 Contest: What is your favorite time of year in your Home?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Janis Kelly of Orchard, WA

You know what? I might have said “Christmastime” at one time, but in the past couple of years I am finding the Fall my most favorite time of year in my home. There’s something wonderful about putting away the lighter colors of Summer and replacing them with the warm and enveloping colors and textures of Autumn. Where we live (Seattle area) it gets dark by 4:00 pm and I find great comfort in turning on the golden glows of the lamps and smelling soup and bread cooking again. For me, it’s a cozy time of year where the crazy pace of Summer is finally behind me, the inside and outside are illuminated with warm colors and the pressures of the Holidays haven’t quite set in. If a glass of Merlot and a warm fire sounds good, come on over!