April, 2002 Contest: What are some of the ways you have child-proofed your home?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Iris Cobb of Albany, GA

We have been fortunate to have foster children in our home these last 12 years so we have of necessity been creative about the childproofing. My personal preference is a relaxed atmosphere where I am not constantly on guard about small hands. We want the children to enjoy their time here and I don’t want to spend all my time worrying about what they can get into that might harm them. We have always made a point of keeping cleaning chemicals on high shelves in the laundry room instead of base cabinets. Medicines are kept high on a pantry shelf and disposed of on expiration dates. We keep the valuable breakables higher on bookshelves and leave the touchables on the tables. I enjoy vintage woods so I do not have glass tables. I try to allow large open spaces in the den area and their bedrooms to give space for active play areas. We have a cabinet that houses the picked-up toys in the den so they don’t endanger bare feet. I also like to decorate with prints, plaids, and darker fabrics so I can relax and not worry about fragile fabrics and stains. The bed linens in the children’s room are always machine washable. So, simply, we decorate to have freedom for the children to be themselves without us fretting over the danger…or the cleanup.