August, 2002 Contest: Have you applied any Feng Shui principles to your home and have you experienced any changes?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Kim Banta of Dunwoody, GA

Even though my home is my haven, I abide by the motto, “The biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement.” Home improvement, by way of the Feng Shui principles. Two s ago I decided to try the very simplest of changes, using the bagua of Feng Shui, targeting career, knowledge, relationships, and creativity. Imagine my surprise when my life really DID change just in tiny bits and pieces, after just moving stuff around! All things I already had. I moved all of the black frames and other black items out of my half bath, off of the kitchen. It’s in the back center of my home, said to be the “career” area on the bagua. I added reflective and clear items, such as one of my favorite leaded glass pieces. I went around the home and tied little red wires underneath the sinks, at the top of the drain pipes. I felt so silly doing this, and my family has no idea I did this. It is supposed to stop the chi (energy) from flowing out of open drains. I li!
ken it to $ and good energy from flowing down those open drains and out of my life! I hung a tiny crystal in the stairway that runs right into the front door, thereby slowing down the chi from rushing out, and reflecting bad chi out. Speaking of reflecting, I added a silver gazing ball to the outside entrance area, off to the side a bit. It, too, reflects bad chi, rather than allowing it to enter my home. Oh, gosh, I found an old image of a wizard to add to my china cabinet, my “knowledge” area. I added a pink candle, (even though I’m not a “pink” person) on the side table in the master bedroom, along with a tiny pink mercury heart ornament. These improvements are meant to spice up my romantic life. I haven’t mentioned to my hubby that this is the purpose of these new additions. So many other tiny changes and deletions and “move-arounds”. Easily accomplished in a couple of hours, and fun. Have these covert changes worked? Even though my industry has been said to be “slow”, my freelance jobs have increased tremendously, considering, seemingly from out of nowhere. Old jobs are finally paying, allowing me to pay bills with lunch-out money to spare! Knowledge? Who knows? I do like my unexpected “Wizard”, peeking out from my china cabinet. He does remind me to learn something new every day. My romantic meter? Well, a lady doesn’t tell…