December, 2002 Contest: How does your home reflect the holiday season?

We have a tie!
Congratulations to the winners.

Kimberly McCormack of Charlotte, North Carolina

Home is where the heart is and that statement is never truer for me than at the holidays. Good thing since it seems I am always in the middle of a renovation project during this time of the year. I keep fooling myself by saying next year, I can decorate my tree in a theme and create lovely tablescapes that my holiday party guests will ooh and aah over. Next year, when the joint compound dust settles and the shoe molding is back on the floor, I’ll hang an abundance of garlands and fruit outside for all the world to go, “now there’s a woman who knows the holidays.” But truth is, I never get there. Instead I wrap my garlands around the ladder that perpetually sits in the middle of the living room, I hide the buckets of mud under a jumble of lights and last year, I even hung my tools from my tree. I revel in the fact that I have a home filled with warmth, even if it comes from a heat gun. And I always have an extra plate to welcome anybody that needs good cheer. My heart is bright at this time of the year and so is my home. Lucky me since I disconnected the hall light to put up a new fixture….

Patty Martin of Simpsonville, South Carolina

Our Christmas decorating never comes soon enough for my husband, Boyd. As a child his Christmases were not always happy so we’ve tried to replace sad memories by creating new ones. One of the things we have done is collect Christmas village houses. Boyd says he buys them for me because I love them so but I know that it is he who really loves them most. Over the past 20 years we have accumulated 30 or so of the intricate lighted houses, churches, bakeries, etc., and have them arranged on mantels, end tables and even the kitchen counters. They serve as lovely, glowing night lights as we move from room to room in the evenings through the holiday season. Above all the other decorations we fill our home with, our little village houses bring us the most joy.