February, 2002 Contest: What is your favorite time of day in your home and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Susan Wunder of Orland Park, IL

Unquestionably, the early morning—hopefully—hours! As I sit here watching, the light of dawn slowly brightens on the tranquil scene outside my window, as if a stage-hand were bringing up the lights on a set. A mist hangs over the pond, blending the sky and snow-covered earth into a backdrop of white. The frosted pines and motionless limbs of the deciduous trees stand poised in shades of green and brown. The house and I are awake enjoying the serenity. It’s mine…all mine…I own the moment. I am free to think, plan, prepare, read, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate…do whatever I want. It’s mine….all mine….until the onslaught of daily demandsconsume me….that is, until yet another dawn.