July, 2002 Contest: Describe your bedroom and what you like best about it.

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Deborah Quinn of N. Richmond Hills, TX

My bedroom is my temporary tranquil retreat from the rest of the world. I love using lots of color throughout the house and in my quilting designs, so I chose a very pale satin blue for the walls. Very calming and soothing. Straight lace panels hang over the window, which is covered by 3/4 tall shutters. Above the window is an old accordian style peg rack, covered with silk wisteria, ivy and several sun hats. I think this is probably my favorite feature. I feel as if I am in a garden, surrounded by a light blue sky. The carpet is green beneath my feet, soft like the grass in the spring. Live plants also live in my garden bedroom. Photos of my loved ones share the space bringing to memory special moments. I sleep with unmatched cabbage rose vintage linens which were inherited from a very special family member. My favorite pink and blue floral quilt keeps the bed warm and inviting. An old suitcase houses magazines and books for relaxation time. There is a television, but no phone is allowed. I look forward to the end of each day when I can sneak away to the garden retreat, light a candle and regain a sense of serenity, leaving the cares of the world behind.