June, 2002 Contest: Do you prefer to decorate your home with a neutral palette or a colorful scheme?

We have a tie!
Congratulations to the winners.

Maureen Zappala of Hinckley, Ohio

I LOVE color!!! I admit, sometimes it takes courage to try something daring like dark olive walls or deep cranberry carpet (neither of which I’ve done yet, but I do dream about it)! But isn’t that the fun of color? Finding the courage, and then being awed at how good it looks. We pat ourselves on the back, and with head held high proudly proclaim, “Yes, I did that!” When we built our house, the painter called me while I was at work, frantic that I had made a huge mistake with the choice of colors of one of the spare bedrooms. I chose a rich lavender. He thought for sure I had lost my mind. The carpet was going to be a deep navy and I had envisioned a fabulous final product with the window treatments, bed linens and other accoutrements. All he could think of was “Barney.” He pushed on, at my insistence, and against his ‘better’ judgement, and guess what? It was dynamite when it was all done!!!! I’m currently redoing our great room in shades of cranberry, shrimp and sage green. Too delicious!!!! The master bedroom is navy, ivy green and periwinkle. Yowsa! However, if I do anything in neon orange, will someone please stop me?

Neha Gohil of Boston, MA

It seems my style and taste vary as I have matured, but one thing that has remained constant is the need for color in my life. Color has the power to reflect and create many moods for me, unfortunately however,my husband and I are renting and can’t paint our walls. So, I have turned to colorful fabrics to do the trick. For instance, I have a cool blue and silver in our bedroom when I want to relax and get away from it all, the kitchen is plain, but would be a bright yellow with dark woods to reflect a casual coffee house style for people to gather, re-energize and chat late into the night. I am of Indian background, so I have always grown up with bright colored fabrics and clothes around me. I still love Indian textiles and using complementary colors to bring out the beauty in the weaves. So, in our living room, I have green couches with silk sari pillows and deep cherry furniture with two tone(maroon and teal) chiffon sheers. The room is very inviting and the first room people enter in our home. It is comfortable and luxurious,yet, at the same time and reflects our style and background.