March, 2002 Contest: Are you relaxed or uptight about having people in your home when they come to visit?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Rose Greine of AB, Canada

I’m normally relaxed when I have people over to visit (that’s when my house is clean and orderly) but there have been occassions when my husband has invited guests over for lunch right after church but has failed to “inform me” (I was UPTIGHT). The one time he invited friends over my kitchen was a mess, toast crumbs on the floor, dishes on the table, spilled milk on the counter. But my friends helped me clean the mess and we had a wonderful visit. I prefer everything in it’s place just so no-one goes home and says what a terrible housekeeper I am but I’ve realized that your true friends don’t care if your house is spotless they just care that you care about them.