May, 2002 Contest: What is more important to you, how your home looks or feels and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Jim Grogan of Cottage Grove, MN

How my home feels is more important to me than how it looks, though after reading Lauri Ward’s books, I recognize that the two are connected. As a Catholic priest, I live alone in whatever housing the parish provides (currently a suburban bungalow), which is often furnished with donated and accumulated furniture from previous residents. But I am faced with housing 10,000 books, 1500 CD’s, and two cats. Having the things I love around me is important to my state of mind, but by applying the ten principles of Use What You Have Decorating, I’ve made considerable progress in creating a pleasant looking environment as well by housing my books in two rooms, having appropriate storage for my CD collection built and having two chairs re-upholstered. I love to cook and entetertain and am anxious for friends to see my “new look.” Thanks, Lauri! Your common sense approach is making a difference in my life.