November, 2002 Contest: Do you have house plants and a green or black thumb?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Jessamy Whitwell of Phoenix, AZ

I actually moved from the beautiful state of Oregon to the dry desert of Phoenix, Arizona. Shame on me. Back home I had a glorious garden filled with roses, snapdragons, calalily’s, a bunch of stuff I can’t pronounce, wild flowers, hens and chicks and ground covers along with a huge, plush, green yard. Even after becoming a Mom I tied my little tennis shoes on every morning and went outside to water, by hand, the whole yard and garden. It was my pride, though we were just renting the house, it was my yard and my garden. I would take my little girl outside to help me with the watering and she would try to help pull weeds. Well, we packed up and moved to Arizona where it’s definitely apartment life, if you want to buy food and survive. So I have one houseplant, inside, and a fairly nice sized patio area that is dying to be filled with greenery and fragrance. It’s coming up with the money to overhaul it that is the hard part. I know exactly what I want to do though. Aside from moving back to Oregon, I will turn it into the perfect retreat so I won’t even know that I am living in the desert!
The people that moved into my house back home don’t take care of the yard and they have let all the flowers die. I thought about writing them a letter – I know where they live. 🙂