October 2002 Contest: Where is your favorite place to read in your home and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Diana David of Bayside, NY

The common element in every special reading spot I’ve had is a big window and a tree right outside — the grown-up version of a treehouse. My favorite reading spot is a winner because it inspires a relationship with books, has enough room for company and space and pillows to read in any possible position that suits you.

In a bay window of our family house, we have a big window seat that can hold three or four people for group story-times. Around the back of this angular half-moon seat are huge pillows in bright colors, some smaller throw pillows and a heap of blankets for chilly days. On each side of the window there are small shelves for books my grandparents left us – like an early edition of Peter Pan. We rarely read them now but it makes even adults remember that joyful pleasure of first books. And outside, of course, an ancient mesquite tree draws its boughs across the windows in a comfortable old embrace.