September, 2002 Contest: Which room in your home is your least favorite and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Pat May of Lake Helen, FL

The living room in our home is now our land surveying company office. Our children are grown, we don’t entertain formally, and our company was growing. We quickly were forced to move from a bedroom/office to something which could accomodate three networked computers, a copier, a plotter, three desks, and numerous file cabinets. Moving the office out of the home defeats the purpose of us working together, and we do not need the expense of maintaining an off-site office. Our business does not require on-site customer visitation because of the commercial surveying we perform. Added to that, I am a licensed real estate broker who works out of this same office arrangement. When people ask me, in conversation, where I live, my response is, “In a survey office”! because the living room is the largest room in our home. With Florida’s open floorplans, the room is not isolated within the home’s design where we can shut the door and make it go away.

Most of our furniture is mish mosh left overs we have put to use functionally to make do. We have one real honest to goodness desk, one computer stand we found destined for the dump that we patched together, and one oak dining table that serves as another desk. There is not one thing attractive about office equipment, and the office stays disheavled since my other half has his own “filing” system that is off-limits to my attempts to organize! We have computer cables, electrical cords, and phone lines running across the carpet (ugh, I don’t even want to talk about the carpet)and dry erase boards, workman’s comp posters, and scheduling calendars are my living room’s artwork. Bless its heart, the living room serves a valuable function in our lives, but I have no love lost for it’s appearance.