April, 2003 Contest: Describe the neatest or messiest person in your home

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Linda Johnson of Canterbury, CT

The messiest person in my house happens to be a dog. He is a Great Dane named Zack.
We saved him from being put to sleep three years ago. And since then, he has taken over everything including our sofa. We have five children and they sit on the floor to watch television, while the dog sleeps on the sofa. Zack has huge feet (four of them, not just two like a human) that bring in more dirt than any person could. Another one of his traits is trying to eat or lick food off of the kitchen counter tops and the dinning room table.
We have managed to keep him off of our bed except when my husband travels overnight. Then, when I’m sound asleep, he creeps up and in the morning I find him with his head on my husbands pillow, sleeping there just like a person. So, he may not be the neatest dog we know, but he is the neatest (because of his size) messiest dog and we still love him.