June, 2003 Contest: What sounds do you hear when you are inside your home?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Jane Yapp of Laguna Hills, CA

I hear the sounds of love and family. My husband and dogs are always near-at-hand and involved in most of my activities. I also hear the sounds of music — from the radio or most usually, my CD player which plays from morning ’til night on the weekends. I hear the sounds from outside drifting in the windows — the neighbor mowing his lawn, a neighbor’s dog barking, a bird chirping, a cricket chirping, the neighbor’s son practicing his drums, a car alarm going off, the wind blowing. I hear the sounds of activity — my husband hammering something he’s fixing or making, the dogs chewing on a bone or toy, the vacuum sweeper being run in another room, the sounds of something on the stove cooking, the sound of the washer or dryer running. I hear the sound of my piano as I sit down to relax and play. I hear the sound of the phone ringing bringing me instantly in touch with others, be it family or friends (and sometimes phone solicitors!). I hear the sounds of cars or trucks starting up as my neighbors and family leave on shopping trips, vacations, or just doing daily errands or going to work. I hear the sounds of neighborhood children outside laughing and playing together. I hear the sound of the TV as I or another family member watches a program. I hear the click of the computer keys as my husband or I answer e-mails. I hear the sound of others in the home breathing and living. I hear the sounds of love and family.