March, 2003 Contest: When you hear the espression "home is where the heart is," what does it make you think of?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Alison Fey of Bonita Springs, FL

In 1992, my husband and I lost most of our furnishings after suffering through the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, FL. Prior to Hurricane Andrew, my decorating style was designed to impress – doing whatever I could and using my home to impress others. Following Hurricane Andrew, I decided that home would be HOME. No longer would I decorate for others – I would decorate for my growing family. While I still face challenges, I try to surround our home with comfortable, attractive furnishings. I enjoy fresh flowers, candles, and putting my feet up. My children are free to cuddle with me on the sofa and my husband has his own “Daddy Chair” with a small table beside it to hold the ‘remote’. 🙂 I decided that I would fill my home with love and light. My children and husband love to be home and have become real homebodies! Most important, more important than furnishings, are the love and caring that go into decorating, furnishing and making your home truly reflect your heart and your life. That’s what home should be!