May, 2003 Contest: Tell us about who cleans your home and whether or not she or he does a good job

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Kimberly Brooks of Odessa, TX

Since there are only two of us (my four year old daughter and me) we split each chore up. For instance, doing laundry consists of me asking her to gather all of one particular item and putting them in the washer. I add the soap and she pushes the buttons. I wash (and rinse) all the dishes and then she re-rinses them and dries them for me. I put them up and we’re done. She sweeps, I mop. She dusts (whatever she can reach), and I vacuum. Together we help each other clean our bedrooms, the playroom, and living areas. Bathrooms are unfortunately mine, but only because I don’t want her skin dried out from the cleaning supplies. Our house is by no means immaculate – but it’s clean and it’s a good way for us to have “together time.”