January, 2004 Contest: Which 2003 "contest winner" is your favorite and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Jaimie Foulk of Camdenton, MO

While I enjoyed reading all of your 2003 contest winners, I must say that Alison Fey’s (3/03) response was my favorite. She wrote about a tragedy that changed her approach to decorating and to daily living. My community suffered a similar tragedy in 2003 when a series of tornadoes destroyed many homes and took the lives of some of our neighbors. During that time, the community banded together to help clean up and rebuild. Our local church showed an amazing outpouring of support for some members who lost their home, offering money, labor, and materials to build them a new one. It was a heartwarming and meaningful time. Unfortunately, it often takes tragedy to remind us of the importance of reaching out to others. As Alison wrote about, we often attempt to use our homes and design strategies for impressing others, when we would find so much fulfillment by using them to express love and caring for those around us.
Thanks, Alison, for the much needed reminder!