December, 2005 Contest: Do you enjoy dressing up your home for the holidays or do you prefer to keep it fairly unadorned

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Carla Lee of Concord, OH

Now that I have down-sized, I miss the feeling of Christmas in my house since I no longer have room for a traditional tree.
Instead I use pine garlands in a couple key places (banister, hallway table).
I limit myself to putting out decorative bowls and clear vases with purple ornaments in them and red spray-painted twigs or pinecones with frost spray. AND the biggest rule I have: for every decoration I drag out, two things on display must be put away in the closet until the holidays are over. I find that it keeps things from getting cluttered and, instead, people focus on the decorations when they arrive. Also I find that I often rotate the accessories I bring out of the closet afterwards instead of having the same things on display all the time.
Happy Holidays!