May, 2005 Contest: Are you thinking of moving to a smaller or larger home and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Christine Troup of Evergreen, CO

I am considering moving to a smaller home because my youngest child is going off to college and I will no longer require as much space. I want to simplify my life, routine and expenses. I have been running my own business for 8 years and I’m just not passionate about it anymore. I realized that my current business doesn’t suit my personality at all, it’s very dry legal stuff. I’ve had my nose in decorating magazines since I was twelve! I have redecorated every room, in any house I’ve ever lived in, at least 50 times in my head if not in reality. I love all styles and love to imagine what would it look like if…? My family is never surprised when I get yet another can of paint or start rearranging the furniture to try something new. I want to start a new business in the decorating and organizing field.
If I downsize I will have more time and resources to devote to getting professional training and education in the field to make a successful start. I am very excited about my new path and absolutely thrilled that I finally figured out what I really want to do now that I have grown up.