October, 2005 Contest: How do you feel when you leave your home on a trip

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Lisa Gruchot of Glenview, IL

Anxious and stressed! Of course that’s not how it should be but my home is my haven. It contains my thoughts, my childrens’ comfort, our furnishings and all of our memories of daily in’s and out’s of life. Prior to a trip, I frantically make sure my home is organized and clean. The laundry has to be all caught up and put away. The mail and bills have to be attended to and any loose ends tied up before we leave. Packing is the last thing that I do. Once everything is complete and serene, I can leave my home comfortably just knowing that when I return, there will be nothing that I have to worry about once I walk in the door. I return to my home with a fresh outlook and am always surprised at how much I really like my decorating after being away from it for a while. It’s almost like being in a different house for the first hour that we’re back. Soon after though, the routine begins, the toys come out, the linen closet is robbed of the softest blankets to cuddle with, and the refrigerator is stocked. Welcome home!