Sept, 2005 Contest: Which home improvement project do you hope to tackle now that summer is almost over

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Pam Frank of Winchester, OR

Just today I had the inspiration, driven by the cooler mornings and evenings, to clean out the pantry. Fall in the air always draws us back into the kitchen and I wanted to be prepared for the upcoming evenings of leisurely creating delicious meals. An organized pantry is just the ticket. Once the pantry was emptied, I noticed that the paint on the walls had seen better days, so a trip to the home improvement store ensued. Lingering among all the beautiful paint chips, I forwent the usual white and went with the bold “Roasted Pumpkin,” a lovely deep salmon color. Several hours later my plain pantry is clean, fresh, organized, beautiful and just the right inspiration for getting back into the kitchen this fall.