April, 2006 Contest: Do you have stacks of magazines in your home and how do you deal with the pile-up

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Cecilee Steinmetz of Morrisville, NC

As I love magazines, I frequently have this problem. Rarely does a person read magazines more than once or twice – particularly if s/he has more than one subscription and a busy lifestyle (don’t we all?) As I go through a magazine, I flag articles I wish to save. Then, I hole punch the articles and slip them in decorative binders according to subject: travel destinations, decorating ideas, crafts, for example. I also clip pictures I enjoy, as magazines have the most beautiful photographs, and save them in an envelope for gluing to letters, cards, or for framing. Easy, quick, and inexpensive. Once I’m done, the magazine goes in the garbage – read once, saved everything I need, and no clutter!