January, 2006 Contest: Do you have guests or were you a guest for the holidays and what was the experience like?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Rebecca Patterson of New York, NY

Not wanting to subject my 6-old baby to a lot of holiday travel, I volunteered to have Christmas at our Manhattan loft apartment this year. We had planned on 12 friends and relatives coming; 16 showed up! Still, it proved to be a wonderful, intimate day. As with many New York apartments, we didn’t have room for a proper sit-down meal. Instead, we used our kitchen counter as a buffet and organized chairs and tables into small groupings so family and friends could comfortably share stories from the year past while they ate. We also made sure Christmas decorations were well dispersed throughout the apartment so that every seating grouping had some holiday touches. Dessert was a big hit: hot, homemade profiteroles with different ice creams for fillings, sauces and accompanying liquers- everyone could mix and match to their liking and it wasn’t too much work for the hostess. After exchanging gifts and relaxing over coffee, we presented each of our departing guests with inexpensive small silk purses we had found at an Indian shop filled with chocolates: a sweet snack for the ride home.