June, 2006 Contest: How do you prefer to entertain in the summer and what is your favorite recipe?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Martha Adams of Wesley Chapel, FL

We prefer to entertain outdoors during summertime. We live in beautiful Tampa Bay, FL and have worked very hard during the past 4 years to make our house a home. We like to have theme parties. For example, we might have a Kabob Night which means all of our foods will be served kabob style: Steak kabobs, potato kabobs, fruit kabobs, salad kabobs as well as grilled vegetables. We will light Tikki torches, float candles and fresh flowers in large glass bowls and play carribean, reggae and Latin music. We also take these opportunities to use our Margarita Ball. It is a huge clear ball with a pump which holds 2 bottles of tequilla as well as the mix. I must say that by the end of the evening our guests are very full and extremely relaxed!

Recipe: Fruit Kabobs w/ Chocolate Drizzle

15 wood skewers 2 1/2 cups fresh (or canned) pineapple, cut into chunks 1 basket of strawberries 2 1/2 cups melons cut into chunks 1/2 cup of your favorite melted chocolate ———— Start with strawberries followed by pineapple followed by melon. Repeat the process. You should end up with a strawberry on top. Take the top part the strawberry and dip the tip into the melted chocolate. Use large platter to serve kabobs.