May, 2006 Contest: What are your initial thoughts about your home when you open the front door at the end of the day or after you return from a vacation?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Julie Burns of Bowling Green, KY

My initial thoughts when I return home from work or school at the end of the day (and especially after I return from a vacation) are those of chaos and uneasiness. I try to keep things organized but usually find time to do that only on weekends and who wants to fill their weekends with chores? I guess I am OCD because I have to rearrange things 2-3 times before I am kind of satisfied. I think it may also have to do with the fact that I rent and haven’t found a way to “make it mine.” Anyway, I strive to have a peaceful home but with so many little things wrong with the layout and the general flow of the rooms I am unhappy with it. As far as returning from a vacation: oh my gosh! I go to Croatia for a each year to visit my boyfriend’s father and friends, etc. When I leave I am always in such a panic trying to find my passport; not knowing where my stuff is at all times is not good! When I return from my trip I am scared to walk in because I know I will not want to deal with it!