Nov, 2006 Contest: Describe the piece of art you like best in your home and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Nadeen Lester of Longmont, CO

There’s a porcelain figurine standing on a bookcase in my living room. It’s an elegant Chinese lady, about sixteen inches tall. Her long white dress blows in an invisible breeze but her expression is like silk, serene and unruffled. My parents bought the figure in 1950 when my dad was stationed in Tokyo; she’s older than I am. She’s in the background of family snapshots taken in Baltimore MD, Fort Leavenworth KS, and Wurzburg, Germany.

The statue is lovely, substantial and well made, but that’s not why I admire her more than anything else in my home. We were a military family, moving from coast to coast throughout my childhood. My parents had five rowdy kids, too, who managed to (oops) knock over any number of fragile knick-knacks just keeping ourselves entertained. Yet through all our travels and indoor games, the lady kept herself intact. There’s neither chip nor mended break on her.

Dad died about ten years ago, Mom downsized and gave most of her furniture to us kids. I asked for the Chinese figurine. Now she looks at me from a corner of the living room and we communicate. She says, “Time passes, things change – but no matter. This is home.”