Sept, 2006 Contest: If you could have any dream home, would it be a country cottage, a city penthouse or a house by the beach and why?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Sue Ann Stevens of Murray, KY

While penthouses exude sophistication and the excitement of city lights and activity, and beach houses offer their airy, pastels and scents and sounds of crashing waves, I always prefer the country cottage. A pebbled drive, scents of honeysuckle and cut grass, a porch swing offering respite and a swinging, slamming screen door as children run out to explore the wooded paths and bubbling creek. Dark, starry nights competing with fireflies and the quiet restfulness of a comfy couch strewn with pillows offering the perfect spot to curl up and read. Heirloom dishes leaning in the jelly cabinet and freshly canned peaches sitting on the tiled kitchen counter to be enjoyed in a cobbler when the weather grows cold.