April, 2007 Contest: Do you have a guest room in your home and what does it look like? If not, where do guests sleep when they come to visit?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Shannon Gould of Brentwood, TN

We have a guest room on the second floor of our home. Our guest room has been a special blessing to us as because of it, we have been able to have 3 different foreign-exchange high-school students live with us and call our guest-room home! It has it’s own bathroom and is very bright and sunny, which our host-daughter from Japan, Megumi, loved. The next year, our host-son Masayoshi from Japan loved that the room was at the other end of the hall from his 7 and 3 year old host-brothers who weren’t very quiet on weekend mornings! During the past 5 years that we have lived in this house, we have been tempted to use the room for other purposes but even small steps toward this just left the room with more of a long-term storage unit feel. I’m so grateful that we have it as recently, we were able to take in a displaced student from Thailand whose host-parents had a family member that got very ill require their complete attention. Our host-son, Blue, was able to move in with a couple days notice and has called the room home since January- he goes back to his family in Thailand the end of June. We have a book in the room that people who have stayed there write comments in and we have 3 pieces of fabric art work from Megumi’s parents hanging on the walls, trinkets from Masa and his parents and photographs of our dear friends and family who have visited us. Blue was intrigued by seeing photos of Masa and now they are in touch online! Our guest room became a real community room. What we love about the room is that it has been the only room in our house that is completely clutter free and can be tidied up in minutes. With its bed, long dresser, bed-side table, and lovely wool oval rug of my grandmother’s, it has hotel-room simplicity. As the room has taken on a purpose of its own, I am going to look into finding a “Use What You Have” decorator in our area to help me tweak the room along with 3 other main areas of our home. Finding your book was a real inspiration to me! Blessings, Shannon Gould.