Jan, 2007 Contest: Are the insides of your closets as neat (or as messy) as the rest of your home?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Melanie Lessen of San Francisco, CA

The insides of my closets and drawers are as neat or more organized than the rest of my house. I color coordinate everything and hang all my clothes on matching wooden hangers. I also, put my dresser in the closet so everything is within arms reach. Baskets above my clothes add a clean look and store items I don’t wear everyday. I found an old shabby chic bookcase and put it in my closet to house all my shoes, each shelf for a different color. It is important to have an organized closet especially when I share one small space with my boyfriend. Since men tend to hang more clothes, we compromised. He has more hanging space and I have more drawer space. I also put dryer sheets in my drawers and in his shoes to make everything smell fresh and clean. Above all, I like to keep special jewelery boxes and pictures or cards in my closet. I believe dressing should be an enjoyable experience and sometimes inspiration can come from the small things that make us smile.