July, 2007 Contest: Tell us about the biggest party you have ever hosted in your home.

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Tracey Godwin of Walnut Creek, CA

The biggest party I ever hosted in my home was my son’s 7th birthday bash. My home has some really unusual charateristics and looks somewhat like a castle, so I decorated the place like Hogwarts school (from Harry Potter). As you walked in that day, the dry ice misted the tile floors. There was darkness but candlelabras lit the way. A big stone/rock wall separated the door and living room. 18th century art with sound sensors talked to you when you passed by. As you continued to walk through the house into the den, the arched doorways had mystical crystals hanging, as if you were entering the magical forest with crystals on plants and trees. Off to the side, the patio and the lower deck showcased long tables of treats and food as a feast for the kids. A separate table for the parents on the deck above also allowed the teachers to sit and look down at the children. All of the little guests were given cloaks and hats and, of course, my son was Harry Potter. The last treat was the Magician – Merlin the Magnificiant – and he actually pulled a real rabbit out of his hat! It was the best and most entertaining party ever, for both the children and the adults.