Nov, 2007 Contest: Have you painted the rooms in your home in different colors or have you applied one color throughout your residence?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Maryl Gavazzi of Grand Island, NY

After thinking about your question, my home colors replicate the colors in my closet, I have found.

Our bathrooms are all deep tan with dark brown accents – most of my slacks, dresses, and skirts. My kitchen is sage green and our guest rooms are suede brown and paprika – again my clothing, but mostly my tops, jackets, and sweaters. My family room and dining room are shades of red – the only other color in my closet except for off white – and NONE of our rooms are off white! Oddly enough, I have very few pieces of blue — and that’s the color of my laundry room and the color my granddaughter picked out for her bedroom.

After writing this, I’m really struck by the coincidence. It’s obvious that these are the colors I truly feel comfortable in.