Oct, 2007 Contest: How have you decorated your child’s room to make it look and feel special?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Dani Smith of Pleasant Grove, Utah

My 4 year old daughter’s room reflects her and it has good basics: An antique metal bed, a tall white vintage dresser, high shelves, a sentimental doll house, a low mirror and a windowseat. The paint treatment is special because it has scallops at the top, near the ceiling, and the rug is hand-crocheted (not the kind we paid an arm and leg for but the kind we lucked into and are teaching her to appreciate).
There are two reasons her room is special: The first is because of what she does with it: It is her play canvas. She decorates her shelves with art she has made from natural materials – rock animals, bird houses – and her special things: small stuffed animals dressed in tiny clothes or homemade cards her grandmother has sent. Her standard uniform, a princess dress, hangs on her hook when she’s not wearing it and her windowseat is (as cliche’ as it sounds) a magical world to her because it holds her dress up clothes. Her closet has her special, delicate things (the ones parents usually put up high) at arms reach. Her dollhouse is her own little house for her “friends.” She has taken the room and made it hers in an extraordinary way.
The second way this room has meaning is to us as a family because it teaches her our family values of art, beauty, play and respect. We teach her to take care of her things because someone else once loved them, too. We use basic items that offer the most flexibility, such the tall bookshelves filled with treasures, to give her freedom and allow her to set herself up for sucess. How could she possibly fail in her own bedroom? She expresses herself there and, most importantly, loves where she lives.she lived it.