April, 2008 Contest: Are you trying to be more eco-conscious and "green" in your home?


Contest Winners: Lori Bishop of Germantown, TN and Naomi LeClair of Lake Stevens, WA

Lori Bishop

With my son’s encouragement, we’ve made a number of changes to make our home a bit greener. We’ve adopted the philosphy, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!” Part of “making it do” has included refurbishing our wicker set, old picture frames, lamps, and other items.

We’ve replaced our washer and dryer with energy efficient models and have seen a dramatic drop in utility bills! We’ve also changed our lightbulbs to CFL (Compact Florescent Lights), started buying bulk food to avoid packaging, and composting and recycling what we can helps too. The whole family is participating and feeling good about the changes!

Naomi LeClair

Being “eco-concious” is not just about the “earth” but about training my children to be better stewards of what we have.

We compost almost all of our animal manure, kitchen scraps and garden waste.
We use TP and paper towel rolls for arts & crafts projects.
We are continually donating household items we are not using to non-profit organizations.

However, our favorite way to be “eco-concious” is that we volunteer for the Evergreen Gleaning Association -food rescue co-op. We help get unmarketable goods (ie. damaged cartons, etc.) to families in need.