Dec, 2008 Contest: Do you prefer an old-fashioned Christmas celebration at your home, with friends and family, or do you like to go on vacation or visit others during the holidays?

Congratulations to our contest winner!
Sherrie McMillan of Delta, CO

I prefer Christmas at home. This year, though, we are living with our son, his wife and baby girl, right next door to the house we sold a year ago.

Since we all thought we would sell their house, too (and our land that it’s on) we both put everything in storage, and neither of us had ANY decorations! So, my daughter-in-law and I went to the dollar store and decided on a red theme for ornaments, adding a few snowmen, etc.

Then we got our “faux” tree out, which was stored in a bag in the trunk of a mopar car we have (is that red-neck or what?) and it is so big that it wouldn’t fit in their house. So we just used the upper half of the tree and put it on a coffee table in the corner, up high, where the one-year old couldn’t get to it.

We tried to keep as many traditions as possible, like making toffee and cookies and having family over Christmas Eve for chili and cherry cream cheese pie. It was a lovely Christmas and I think we did a good job of making due in a tough situation, without breaking the bank.

I hope next year we will be in our new house, so that we can share old traditions and make new ones together.